Step into this journey of divine bliss. Exotic, sensuous and soothing. Indulge the senses and lift the spirit with Thai therapy



Thai Manicure Therapy

This includes nail file, cuticle alignment, hand and arm massage and finally paint of your choice (French Polish an Additional £6)                                                                    

Duration: 60 Mins     Price :.£25

Luxury Thai Manicure Therapy

Includes all of above, but just imagine a hot paraffin wax or hot oil treatment enclosed in thermal mitts. Just the trick to give younger looking hands.

Duration: 1 Hour 15 Mins  Price: £27

Thai Pedicure Therapy

Includes fabulous foot soak in mineral salts, exfoliation,nails filed, foot and leg massage and paint of your choice. Don't be afraid to wear those fabulous shoes which require fabulous feet! (French Polish an Additional £5) 

Duration: 60 Mins   Price: £25

Luxury Thai Pedicure Therapy

Includes all of the above, but just imagine the heat from paraffin wax or the hot oil massaged into the skin and wrapped up in thermal booties. No fear of showing off those tootsies now!           

Duration: 1 hour 15 mins         Price: £27

Mini Manicure

Duration: 40 min      Price: £15      

Teen manicure/pedicure  Price: £12 

Express Nails

These are party nails and will last at least two weeks. Great for formals or just the quick touch for that great night out! 

                                               Duration: 30                 Price: £22            


                                               File and paint fingers or toes    £8

    French Polish                            £12

    Long stay gel polish                   £20