At Origin we do not forget our male clients. All of our stress management therapies are highly suitable for busy men. It is new to get a hot towel shave outside of a barber's. Our surroundings are much more relaxing for this treat once in a while. At Origin our male grooming is where our energy goes- not on self promotion!

                 Chest Wax            Duration: 20 Mins            Price: £20

                 Eyebrow Tidy       Duration: 15 Mins            Price: £8

                 Manicure                Duration: 30 Mins            Price: £15

                 Pedicure                   Duration: 30 Mins            Price: £15


Male Facial 

Deep cleanse, exfoliation with blackhead or ingrowing hair extractions. Deep massage on head neck and shoulders. Mask will be applied. Toner and moisturiser treatment. Our male facial is specifically designed to improve tired dull skin and reduce that horrible neck rash / razor bumps that goes hand in hand with shaving. 

Duration: 60 Mins        Price: £40

Hot Towel Shave 

Indulge yourself or have others give you the gift of a hot towel. The procedure is very relaxing in our salon. Hot towels infused with essential oils are laid on the face and neck to open pores and cause hairs to soften and align for an incredible shave with a flat razor. The result will be ultra smooth skin with reduction of shaving rash/ irritation, so that it becomes a pleasure, not a chore. You will need a few days beard growth before this treatment in order that the direction of hair growth can be determined which improves the shave. Great for groom/ best man the day of or evening before a wedding. Why should the bride have all the preparation!!                                                                                                     

Price: £30

Our body massage or hot stone therapy are excellent for sports men and will improve your performance and reduce risks of injury

                                                                                     From £60